Why I’m Not Writing Much

Not that anybody asked, but in no particular order: 1. I never wanted this in the first place. 2. I’m busy with stuff:                 – Publishing my dissertation (almost there I think)                 – Publishing my book on the Nicomachean Ethics (not almost there; someone please publish me)                 – Translating some Narsai and Timothy […]

Discerning a Vocation: What Not to Do

In my sixteen years as a priest, I’ve been vocation director, seminary rector, and spiritual director to a convent. More importantly, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot, and like many God-related things, a lot of the knowledge we have about vocations is about what’s not true. How exactly someone goes about […]

Jesus and the MCU

Look I know that Marvel movies aren’t considered top-tier cinema to movie snobs like Martin Scorsese, but they’re fun and popular, and maybe for that reason alone they’re culturally important. So I’ll say some stuff about some of them because I guess that’s what blogs are for. The good thing about interpreting stories is that […]

Not Everyone Deserves an Opinion

One thing I’m dreading with the coronavirus quarantine happening is podcasts. You know what a podcast is, right? It’s where a dude with barely any intelligence and a high opinion of himself allows the world to hear his barely intelligent opinions about things he first heard about that morning. This kind of pollution fills the […]

My favorite thing in the world

A few months back I decided, for personal reasons, to begin a project that was absolutely useless practically speaking – something that nobody would care about and hardly anybody would read except for a handful of nerds. A no-pressure activity that wasn’t Netflix-binging with drool dripping from my jowels. So I asked around and found […]