Why I’m Not Writing Much

Not that anybody asked, but in no particular order:

1. I never wanted this in the first place.

2. I’m busy with stuff:

                – Publishing my dissertation (almost there I think)

                – Publishing my book on the Nicomachean Ethics (not almost there; someone please publish me)

                – Translating some Narsai and Timothy I

                – Doing the JCL in Canon Law for some reason

                – You know, running the Seminary and teaching philosophy and stuff

3. Everything is stupid and confusing, and nobody needs one more stupid opinion to add to the confusion.

4. My “take” on whatever the hell might be happening at any given moment won’t help anybody, and I hope I always remember the important distinction between My Opinion and The Salvation of the Entire World.

In conclusion: leave me alone.

Alternately: give me some ideas on what I can actually write on that would be useful. Remember: despite the fact that this is a blog, I don’t want to write about stuff I don’t know about, or stuff that everyone else is already writing about.

(pictured above: podcasts)

2 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Writing Much

  1. The possible monastic influences to the Greybeards (Carthusian, Scandinavian monasticism) and provide a theological interpretation of The Way of the Voice (probably hesychasm to be honest).

  2. Can you keep writing but make it about dumbing down philosophical ideas for those of us who took your courses but our brains are melting out in the world and can’t even remember the definition of being anymore ? Thx

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