Things to do during your coronavirus quarantine

Certain websites which shall not be named have apparently offered free “premium” service to certain countries experiencing certain quarantines due to certain viruses. The following is a list of alternate activities you can try if you find yourself stuck indoors for a while.

  • Catch up on group chats
  • Finally read Lord of the Rings
  • Finally watch Lord of the Rings
  • Rewatch Lord of the Rings
  • Learn mandolin
  • Learn baritone ukulele
  • Pushups
  • Squats
  • Pray and do holy stuff (at least a little every day don’t be a jerk)
  • Read one of the books on your list
  • Read another one of the books on your list
  • Read my book
  • Read my other book
  • Learn Chaldean
  • Learn Chaldean more
  • Learn another language for some reason
  • Work on your novel
  • Read the Feynman Lectures
  • Write your horrible blog
  • Wash your hands at least once a week
  • Polish your shoes (instead of you-know-what)
  • Type a page of the upcoming critical edition of the Commentary on Aristotle’s Categories by George, bishop of the Arabs (British Library Add MS 14659)
  • Better Call Saul
  • The Good Place
  • Re-binge the Office / Parks and Rec / Breaking Bad / Arrested Development / Nolan Batman trilogy / House
  • Altered Carbon was pretty good

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