Passover Thursday Meditation

The aspect of the Passover Lamb image discussed in this Madrasha is the contrast between rational and irrational. The sacrifice of animals was irrational in two ways: the animal itself was unable to speak, but the sacrifice was irrational in that it could not accomplish the forgiveness or salvation it attempted. This failure of the sacrifices of the old Law was due to the mismatch of problem and solution: sin is the act of a reasoning being, even if it is not a reasonable act. That being the case, what good is it to kill a non-reasoning animal in restitution for the sins of a reasoning one? The debt had to be paid in the right currency. Disobedience with obedience; rejection of the Giver of Life with a willing self-Sacrifice; the insane irrationality of sin with the rational Oblation of Christ.

- Thanksgiving to Christ, who completed our salvation, and who washed, through his Body, the filth of our sins.
* In the mystery of the Lamb was hidden the mystery of our salvation, and in the blood of beasts was signified the absolution of our malice. If indeed a dumb beast could have absolved the rational, how much more does the Living Blood sanctify us, and wipe away, through his passion, deed of our debts? For we become, through his renewal, men freed from death.
* In the sacrifice of the dumb was signified the image of Life, and in the slaying of the mute, the semblance of the Rational. His Blood is living Blood, freeing all creatures, and like that one, a preacher of all of them. And the sacrifice of the Rational absolves debts, and clothes mortals with the garment of forgiveness.
* In the path of the mysterious lamb walked the Lamb of Truth, and he arrived at the sacrifice, for the fulfillment of the allegory. He gave the freedom of life to the mortal race, and repaid the debt through his death which his fellows had earned in breaking the commandments, and denying the Creator the keeping of his laws.

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