Meal Blessing

There are three important elements of a meal blessing: So I was looking at some old manuscripts (apparently from 1496) and found this: On top (after the title) is a version of the standard meal blessing used by Chaldean and Assyrian priests: Below it is one I haven’t heard before, which fulfills the first two […]

Madrasha on the Solemnity of Our Lady

Blest is the Fruit who dawned from you, O blessed woman. – No one knows what to call your mother, O Lord: if one calls her a virgin, her Son appears; if married, no man has known her. And if your mother is incomprehensible, who could know you? – She alone is your mother, and […]

Narsai Memra 16 Recording

A little while ago I tweeted a recording of a short passage from Narsai (the 5th Century writer who is the subject of my next book). That tweet was originally a response to a strange footnote I saw that claimed Narsai’s poetic sermons (“memre”) do not have any poetic stress, but only counted syllables.* I […]

The Worst Our Father Ever

I saw this thing floating around years ago, and like a lot of crap, it’s floating around again, and I haven’t written anything on here in a while so I figured I’d make fun of it. Behold, The Worst Our Father Ever, allegedly “translated from the original Aramaic directly into English:” O cosmic Birther of […]

Ancient Christmas Madrasha

Response: Glory to the Child whose Father is of heaven, whose mother is of earth, and who is incomprehensible. 1. I saw a great wonder in Bethlehem ministered to before the eyes of all creatures, for the star ministered before the Divine Prince. The star runs, the star leads, the star directs, the star announces; […]