Palm Sunday Meditations

There are two Madrashe for today. The first recounts Christ’s commands to the apostles to prepare for his entry to Jerusalem, focusing on his humility and gentleness. Instead of a king entering in military splendor and glory, in the might of arms, he comes humbly on a donkey.

The second Madrasha focuses on King David, and compares Christ’s entry into Jerusalem with the procession of the Ark of the Covenant in 2 Samuel 6. It invites David to dance and rejoice along with the children crying “hosanna,” as well as with the angels. This mention of the angels ties both events, the procession of the Ark, and Christ’s entry to Jerusalem, to the Mass, since there in the Chaldean Mass, the children’s phrase “hosanna to the Son of David” is tied to the song of the angels in Isaiah 6 and Revelation 4: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God almighty!”

  • (Response- Glory to him who made the Hebrew children wise enough to cry out “Hosanna to the Son of David.”)
  • 1- “Go to the village across from us quietly,” our Lord said, “and find a foal tied with an ass standing there, whose back has not been tamed by man, and who has not been ridden and has grazed in the wilderness from its youth. Untie and bring them to me quickly.”
  • 2- Zechariah preached and showed the mystery of his bodily humility: “Cry out to Zion and give her the good news: your radiant King comes to you riding on a foal, showing he is gentle and kind in his coming among us.” He comforted the preacher in the fulfillment of his prophecy, when children praised him with hosannas.
  • 3- Many crowds threw their clothing before the Son of David, for the unspeakable and unlimited wonder and marvel was fulfilled: the wonder saying and the marvel speaking, how the prophet’s word is fulfilled, who preached and said: “rejoice greatly and exalt, O daughter of Zion.”


  • (Response- Brethren, today let us tell of the glory of Christ, and sing today with hosanna of the greatness of his honor.)
  • 1- Let us play the strings of the harp, regarding lowly flesh that was exalted, and with the son of Jesse let us sing of him with a ten-stringed harp. Come and rejoice today, O David, in the wedding feast of your Offspring: lift up the sound of your harp, and confess his greatness.
  • 2- Come and dance, as is your custom, in the procession of Christ the King, and play even more on your harp, songs of glory to his honor. You exalted before the Ark, and rejoiced among many: rejoice today that the words of your prophecy are fulfilled.
  • 3- You brought up the Ark to the holy temple in great procession: come exalt and rejoice today among the many with hosannas. As the daughter of Saul mocked your coming before the Ark, come and mix today with the heavenly assemblies.

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