Ancient Christmas Madrasha

Response: Glory to the Child whose Father is of heaven, whose mother is of earth, and who is incomprehensible.

1. I saw a great wonder in Bethlehem ministered to before the eyes of all creatures, for the star ministered before the Divine Prince. The star runs, the star leads, the star directs, the star announces; the star an ambassador, the star a preacher, the star arrives at the door of the house of the King.

2. Peace to Mary who bore, and raised, and suckled, and carried, and rejoiced. Peace to the small manger that portrayed to us a symbol of the holy altar. Peace to the cave, peace to the swaddling-cloths, peace to the Bridegroom, peace to Gabriel. Peace in heaven, peace on earth, peace to our entire assembly.

3. There the books are fulfilled in the birth of the Son, the Lord of Mysteries. There the crowns of kings, the sons of warriors, are thrown before his feet. There is the gold, there is the myrrh, there is the frankincense, there is Joseph. There are the angels, there are the hallowings, there are the halleluiahs without end.

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