Communion in the Hand

Since my first post on this topic near the beginning of Coronavirus precautions being taken in America, I’ve noticed reception of Communion in the hand becoming a more and more divisive issue on the Catholic Internet, where everything is a divisive issue. I have therefore decided to add to the confusion, since that is the […]

Novena to the Patron Saint of Quarantines

Yesterday I argued that a fitting Patron Saint of Quarantines is Mar Abba the Great. Here’s a novena in honor of him that we put together several years ago (also available on the Emmanuel Chaldean prayer app on Android and iPhone). Novena of Prayers from the Chaldean Liturgy Composed by Mar Abba the Great Patriarch of the Church […]

Digital Presence and Online Teaching

Because we’ll all have to be teaching and learning online in the coming weeks, I’ve been thinking about the differences between online learning and in-class learning. My pedagogy is pretty simple in general, and I’ve taught online courses before, so I’m not very occupied with thoughts of that. I’m more curious about a philosophical issue: […]

Bible Study on Jonah for Ba’utha 2.0

Ba’utha is a three-day liturgical season in the Chaldean Church commemorating the prophet Jonah’s visit to Nineveh. It’s a penitential season where we fast and pray for God’s forgiveness and mercy. It takes place three weeks before Lent begins (most of us think of it as kind of a “warm up” for Lent), which means […]

Not Everyone Deserves an Opinion

One thing I’m dreading with the coronavirus quarantine happening is podcasts. You know what a podcast is, right? It’s where a dude with barely any intelligence and a high opinion of himself allows the world to hear his barely intelligent opinions about things he first heard about that morning. This kind of pollution fills the […]

Open Letter

To the People Next to me at the Red Light Today Blasting Dance Music in Their Car, Symbolizing All of Humanity, I get it. Parties are fun. Being at them makes you feel young and rich and excited and happy. So while you’re driving you put on some dance music to make it feel like […]