New Language Books

One of the many reasons I haven’t updated this thing in so long is because I’m working on several new projects at the same time.

One of them is the new “Learn Chaldean” book series I’m writing for grades 1-8, or for whoever wants to learn the Chaldean dialect of Neo-Aramaic.

Anyway, here’s the link to the first book of the series.

And here’s the link to the second book.

Buy them and tell your friends and stuff.

Grades 3 to 8 should be done every month from now till like February or something.

They’re a smooth and slow preparation for the books Introductory Chaldean and Chaldean Grammar. They’re also beautifully illustrated and made all cutesy for kids, by one of the monks, Br. Samer. Because of that, and to make up for how mean I am to them, all proceeds from these books will be donated to the Sons of the Covenant Monastery.

My other projects are bigger, and maybe I’ll write something about them later. Probably not though.

2 thoughts on “New Language Books

  1. Hi Fr Andy! Great work! Could you provide any pictures of the pages within the books? This is also my first time hearing about the Introductory Chaldean and Chaldean Grammar books. I’m wondering if these resources can be used for Assyrian language classes as well, or if they are strictly focusing on the Chaldean dialect of Neo-Aramaic. Basima raba

    1. Hi Anthony,
      Yes, I think at least the first two children’s books could easily be used for Assyrian. After that, the dialect differences would begin to be apparent, but hopefully the later books could still be of some use.

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