Madrasha for the Feast of the Ascension

Response: Thanksgiving to the Conqueror who conquered

and made all conquer, and ascended in glory to heaven.

– One High Priest was taken from among mortals to the high place of peace,

and he entered to serve in the divine dwelling on behalf of his flock.

He was made worthy to enter the holy of holies, higher than the earthly sanctuary;

by his own blood, he entered and was seen by the Hidden One, and gained eternal salvation.

– By the his own blood, he absolved the hateful evil of the sons of his race,

and by his purity he purified mortality, which was filled with vices.

He washed them like a garment, and made them pure vessels;

he wore them in his body, like a priest [wearing] vestments,

and he entered the great dwelling of heaven.

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