Ordering of the Year

Here’s a selection of some of the hymns sung in the Chaldean and Assyrian Churches at the end of each month, and especially at the end of the year, asking God to “order” the coming year toward his glory and the good of our souls. The translation is singable according to a pretty common melody, but I don’t feel like recording it so good luck.

Ordering of the Year / Tukas Shatta

(b-mara d-kulla)

* Order the month and bless the

crown of the year in your grace,

and grant a bless-ed future

of joyfulness and mercy.

May our pleading come to you,

O Lord of months and of years:

our prayer, your creation’s key,

unlocks the door of mercy.

* May you bless this year, O Lord;

harmoniously crown it;

protect it from all terror,

and all fear and disturbance.

May the next year come gladly,

and go to you as off’ring,

like Elijah and Moses,

whose prayer is our fortress.

* You are Mercy Eternal,

and Compassion of Ages;

what is creation’s malice

before your flowing graces?

Sprinkle the dew of mercy

upon the face of our race;

redeem us from the evil one

and from the weeds of sinners.

* May Adam and all the just,

and Moses with the prophets,

Peter and the apostles,

Stephen and all the martyrs,

Ephrem and all the teachers,

Anthony and the hermits,

plead unto you, Lord Jesus,

to grant mercy to the world.

* May the deceased clothed in you,

in the water of bap-tism,

be cleansed in soul and body

from all the stains of their sins.

May the dead who received you

in your Body and your Blood

all be recalled in the land

in which the just are dwelling.

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  1. Thanks dear abouna for the English, can you please post a photo of the Chaldean part too. God bless you always and may this new year 2023 be filled with God’s blessings and health to you. Happy New Year

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