Lent Meditation 6

(Refrain- Through the prayers of the just who pleased you, have pity on sinners who call to you, and send us, from your treasury, pity, mercies, and salvation.) 1- If our creation is hateful, the blame is with the Creator. If our freedom is evil, the accusation comes to us. If we do not have […]

Lent Meditation 5

(Refrain – Let us love holy fasting, in which the victorious were crowned; let us participate in their contest and be joined to their crowns.) 1 – Daniel longed after fasting as one would thirst for wine; he loved temperance as the greedy love gain. He turned to fasting and grew young: he fasted for […]

Lent Meditation 3

(Refrain – Blessed is he who prepared the diligent through vigil, fasting, and prayer, and made them a vision for those who see in truth.) 1 – Moses, great among those who fast, was armed by means of fasting. He took off the customs of the Egyptians and loved fear of God. He hated and […]

Lent Meditation 1

“Meditation” is how I’m translating the ominous-sounding Aramaic word Madrasha – the root of this word is drash, which has to do with studying. These Meditations are short hymns found during Sunday and Feast Day vigil services where there’s lots of good content to pick from. If I’m not mistaken, they are attributed to St. […]

Temperance hurts

If it hasn’t become clear already, I don’t want to do this blog. But I do want to write books, and I’ve been told a dozen times now that publishers won’t consider you unless you’ve got a “popular following.” So now I have to practice near-superhuman virtue by maintaining this horrible thing until somebody gives […]

You are my penance

Here’s a Bible study on Lent to bore you as the season begins: In which I interpret Matthew 6 in light of Republic VIII. If you hear me being mean I’m sorry insofar as that will stop you from saying something to me. Also not all opinions are my own. Sometimes I just say things […]