Narsai Memra 16 Recording

A little while ago I tweeted a recording of a short passage from Narsai (the 5th Century writer who is the subject of my next book). That tweet was originally a response to a strange footnote I saw that claimed Narsai’s poetic sermons (“memre”) do not have any poetic stress, but only counted syllables.* I […]

The Worst Our Father Ever

I saw this thing floating around years ago, and like a lot of crap, it’s floating around again, and I haven’t written anything on here in a while so I figured I’d make fun of it. Behold, The Worst Our Father Ever, allegedly “translated from the original Aramaic directly into English:” O cosmic Birther of […]

Ordination Novena

One of our seminarians, Deacon Tristan Farida, will be ordained to the priesthood in 9 days (on May 13th). I invite you to join me in praying a novena for him. Below is a Novena to the Patron of our Seminary, Mar Abba the Great. Novena of Prayers from the Chaldean Liturgy Composed by Mar Abba the […]

I wrote a book for some reason

This is the part of the job I hate, but the only reason I started this blog in the first place was to convince someone to publish this book. Anyway someone published Advice from Aristotle: Life Lessons from the Nicomachean Ethics: the Cascade imprint at Wipf and Stock publishers. They were really great to work […]