Ancient Christmas Hymn

To you glory, radiant Son of virginity. 1. This, the month that is forever filled with blessings:slaves have freedom, free men glory,doors have crownings, bodies feastings,violet garments thrown with love as unto princes. 2. This, the month that will forever carry vict’ry:freed is spirit, flesh is tempered,mortal woman bears the Living:Godhead now is reconciled with […]

Plato’s Republic – Book IV: Sheeple

Continued from way back here. It might come as a surprise for us today to think that great political leaders don’t just pop out of thin air. In a time like ours when politics has reached a zenith of perfection, we might assume that excellent political leadership is easy – since our political leaders are […]

An Appeal to Anti-Maskers

Everyone knows I’m a grump and kind of a jerk, but I hope you also know there’s still some love down there in my heart somewhere, and that that’s where this is coming from. Many priests I’ve talked to have shared some sadness or frustration about this about some of their parishioners, so I wanted […]

Advent Math: 1+1=1

One of my favorite hymns in my tradition is Brykh Hannana by Mar Bawai the Great (551 – 628 AD). Here’s my singable translation (and here’s a recording by my cousin): * O blessed Mercy, Gracefulness,        who led our life through the prophets:* Isaiah saw, with Spirit’s eye,        the marvel Child of Divinity.* For Mary […]